Top 5 benefits of a Borderless Project

After starting a first project in Nepal we quickly found some unexpected benefits. The project involved a new hotel which aims to sustain a Children’s Home. Amrit, the owner, also wants to be a role model for Nepalese society by giving employment to socially disadvantaged individuals.

We quickly realized he had a good thing going, but there were simply not enough guests. This had to improve if we wanted to have profits to go to their Children’s Home. The hotel already had a decent website. We helped them primarily with boosting their site in Google, getting more traffic, more reviews, better content etc. Within weeks bookings started to come in. They just needed this little push to really become self-sufficient.

We were able to make a change,
share insights and add value.

While we were working on their online presence, they could keep the focus on the quality of the hotel itself. The owner’s connection with the guests seemed vital and is one of the reasons they were only given perfect reviews.

The project seems very rewarding. Mostly because of the new relationships we built and the incredible gratitude the owners showed. In practice, the things we did were a bit different than expected. Which is a good thing. We set up financial statistics, made new photos, brainstormed about the interior etc. This all happened naturally while living with them so closely. We got to know each other and by being on-site we started to see what was actually needed.

We were able to make a change, share insights and add value. At the same time, it was extremely rewarding to us. First, by working with locals you really start to understand the culture. Much more than when visiting as a tourist when you only get to see the pretty pictures. Secondly, because we were using our existing skills. This is important for me because it means I can keep developing professionally also. And finally, I was able to keep working parttime on my own business in the meantime. Having my morning coffee while watching the magnificent snow-capped Himalayas was making things even more ideal for me, really.

Travelling is wonderful in many ways. But these 5 benefits of working on a Borderless project while travelling makes it extremely rewarding:

  1. Keep working on your own business or project
  2. Building new (international) relations
  3. A welcome break from routines at home
  4. Understanding different cultures
  5. Developing and learning new skills
Doing good, without interrupting my own career. Adding true value, while travelling the most beautiful places in the world. It all made sense.