How to start a first project

By now, we have some big dreams for The Borderless Company. Brilliant, that’s a start. But how do we translate this into something tangible? In my previous article about value, I raised a lot of questions about how to move forward. All these new questions left unanswered usually cause start-ups like this to fade away slowly. We decided to accept the fact that most things are not very clear yet.

Inspired by the famous quote “Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start” (Simon Sinek), we just wanted to work on a first project. By sharing our ideas and talking to as many people as possible, we eventually bumped into our first project.

Dream big. Start small.
But most of all, start.

In Kathmandu, we randomly talked to Pink from Hong Kong. She is the most selfless and inspiring woman we met during our travels. After volunteering all over the world she founded Light On Charity in Nepal. After a quick spontaneous chat, we offered to help her with one of her projects. It involved a brand new hotel in Pokhara, Nepal. The hotel not only aims to sustain a Children’s Home, it wants to be a role model for Nepalese society by giving employment to socially disadvantaged individuals. We’d love to support a social enterprise like that!

Long story short, we hired a Royal Enfield motorbike and drove to Pokhara to see what we could do to help them out. This bike trip was an adventure in itself and highly recommended, but let’s keep this on-topic :-). We quickly noticed Amrit, the founder had a great vision and was doing things for the right reasons. Also, we did get along perfectly, which is essential if you want to get things done together.

We found our first project! Talking to people and sharing our ideas paid off. It’s surprisingly easy to make that great leap forward once you keep an open mind and simply start doing.