How much comfort are you willing to give up?

Most inspirational gurus focus on setting goals and thinking positive. Which works. But the truth is a lot of people trying to pursue happiness fail big time. They won’t tell you about it on parties though. In my experience, most of those “failures” – and successes – are related to comfort. How much comfort are you willing to give up? This goes for both business as personal goals.

It might not be a matter of “what are you willing to do to reach goal X”, but “what are you willing to ditch to reach that goal”. It’s not the workout itself that scares you so much you won’t do it. It is usually leaving the house on a cold winter morning to get your ass to the gym. You’ll have to leave your comfortable position.

Are you ok with skipping drinking nights with your friends? Will you accept giving you monthly salary away? How about your house? And family? If you want to reach your goals you might want to get ready to make those difficult decisions.

Want to get into shape? This means you have to end your couch-potato lifestyle.

Want to start a business? Say bye to that nice paycheck every month.
Move somewhere else? Lose the comfort of that beautiful house you saved money for.
Make new friends? Avoid nights out with your usual gang.
Want to live a nomad lifestyle? Guess what… all of the above.

Studies have shown that people prefer avoiding losses to acquiring equivalent gains. So a valuable question to ask is: “Do you play to win, or not to lose?”

How much comfort are you willing to give up to travel, add value or start something new?