An idea

Often ideas pop up like there’s no direct reason. They evolve over time into the form of a concept at which point you can’t really remember where or when it started. This blog will be about an idea called The Borderless Company, boosting small businesses all over the world with the help from travelling professionals. 

The Borderless Company: boosting
small businesses all over the world with the help
from travelling professionals.

Currently I’m travelling around the world indefinitely together with my girlfriend while running a small Webdesign agency. You can read more about me here. It’s already been an amazing journey which started out of curiosity, not escaping our beautiful hometown ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The goal of this journey wasn’t saving the world or helping others when we started. It’s just something we wanted to do to see the world, meet people and get new ideas. As soon as we left a new goal came to mind.

I think this one started at some point planning our trip halfway around the world. It evolved while taking endless train rides from our home in The Netherlands though Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan. These trips usually give you plenty of time to think and brainstorm without the distractions of the Internet and friends inviting you to have a beer. 

The first seed was probably planted with the strong realization that the Internet has created incredible powers for everyone around the world. It creates an equal world without borders for anyone who has access to it. I’ve created a profitable business online using self-education only, so why couldn’t some kid from Cambodia do the same? 

Besides, thanks to the Internet we’re doing this incredible journey right now while working from any country we want. This fact gives me an extraordinary amount of energy and I have the feeling this opportunity is not being used to its full potential at all.  

We decided to find (starting) companies and see if we can boost their business
making use of this opportunity the internet brings.